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Solar Power 101
A Practical Guide to Solar Power System Design

This FREE handbook (click below) is FREE for all and intended to be fully self-contained, without the need to go to any web resources, click on any links, or require much additional outside information beyond this printed guidebook. While this is NOT the handbook used in the Solar Power 101 workshop, it is free for those that cannot attend the workshop but would still like some useful information for DIY solar power system design and installation.

A compilation and update of free solar design/build resources from and other on-line/ free information sources.

     Solar Power 101 handbook (in pdf format) - click here    

Compiled, edited, and updated by Vince Lombardi,
B.S. / M.S. Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Tech 1988/1990.

Vince Lombardi: website developer -- send updates / links / other to my e-mail
e-mail: / Cell Phone: 703-328-1840/ (Capon Bridge, WV)


To see what kind of
Costs, Savings, and Pay-Off Time Periods
that solar power has for you, in your region, and based on your electric rate, or average monthly electric bill,
click on the spreadsheet / pdf file below:

     Solar Array Sizing / Costs / Pay-off Periods (in pdf format) - click here     


Solar Power 101 for Homewoners
Class Itinerary

     Class Itinerary for Solar Power 101 for Homeowners (in pdf format) - click here     

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