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Misson Statement

Off Grid Winchester is an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly business and network for like minded individuals and businesses seeking to live independantly and in harmony with nature.
We strive to educate and inform our community, one person at a time, on the benefits of independent, conscious, and off-grid living.

Our Value System

Our eco-friendly practices and values include (extended to our Renewable Energy work):

  1. Community Education: We strive to bring education and awareness to our community through community training, affordable class instruction and free dissemination of resources and information when possible.
  2. Socially Conscious Spending: We consciously buy products from companies and people who care about people and about the environment.
  3. Environmentally friendly: in all ways possible.
  4. Recycling: Encouragement of Recycle, Re-use, Repair -- All atempts are made to recycle plastics, metals, glass and paper-cardboard.
  5. Our Forests / Land: A belief that our forest brethern, trees, should only be cut down when absolutely necessary (i.e. public danger), and that we build and live in harmony among them.
  6. Chemicals and Pesticides: No chemicals, pesticides, or environmentally damaging products of any kind are used on the grounds of any properties under stewardship of Off Grid Winchester.
  7. Insecticides: No toxic or environmentally damaging insecticides are used on our behalf.
  8. Vegetarianism:Our Founder is vegetarian and encourages this healthy life-style to those seeking a healthy, peaceful life.
  9. Solar / Renewable Power: The Land Celebration Facilities have a 3.2 kilo-watt grid-tied solar power system operating every moment that the sun shines, installed by the Regional Experiential Center for Solar Technology.
  10. Organic Gardening: An organic and/or heirloom garden is planted each spring at our center (The Land Celebration) and our our Founder's homes and harvested throughout Summer and Fall.
  11. Lighting: Replacement of all incandescent lighting with low energy compact fluorescent and/or LED bulbs is omni-present at our facility and our homes.
  12. Solar Thermal Hot Water: It is the goal of this foundation to encourage affordable solar thermal hot water systems for efficiently and inexpensively heating water off grid.
  13. Drinking Water: Founders home and Land Celebration facility are on well water -- no chlorine, no flouride, and contains all of the minerals and billions of micro-organisms needed for a healthy digestive tract plus independance from the grid.
  14. Cleaning Products: Only green (environmentally friendly, non-toxic, bio-degradable, pet-safe) cleaning products are used throughout by staff or volunteers.
  15. Household Products: Only green (100% recycled materials) paper products are used here including our toilet paper, paper towels, & napkins. Our trashbags are either masde from post-consumer recycled plastics or are bio-degradable corn based materials.
  16. Renewable Energy: Use of renewable energies when possible for off grid living and independance - our facility includes a 3.2 kilowatt grid tied solar power system, will soon include a wind turbine and solar thermal hot water heating.
  17. Wind Power: Founders home will soon be switching to utilizing energy strictly from Wind Power sources in the Electric Grid as they become available in WV.
  18. Health Destroying Habits: such as smoking, use of recreational drugs and alcohol, and other addictive habit forming substances are highly discouraged by this organization. Healthy Life-style habits are strongly encouraged!
  19. Conservation of Energy / Eco-Conscious Life-Style: We tirelessly attempt to educate all friends of the organization as to the importance of conserving energy, turning off lights and TV's when not in use, recycling, repairing, re-using, eating organically, and dressing appropriately to conserve heat in winter and air-conditioning in summer. These life-style habits save us money and help to reduce our carbon footprint and our green house gas emissions.
  20. Hunting: and killing of creatures of any kind is not condoned by the organization.
  21. Clean Air / Clean Water: Working with local officials to keep the waters and air of our county and state clean.
  22. Vehicle Use: Our Founder drives a fuel efficient vehicle (30+ mpg highway) to keep his personal carbon foot print as low as possible. Vince plans on upgrading to Toyota's Plug-In Electric vehicle powered by a large grid-tied solar panel by 2014.

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