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About Vince
A short bio of Vince Lombardi,
Founder of:, Abram's Creek Lodge & Family Campground,

Vince Cell: 703-328-1840    e-mail:

Special Classes for Your Organization / Business:
This complete seminar is available to your organization or business for a flat fee of $500 (no class size limits).
We simply ask that you print out the course manual (sent to you in pdf format) and provide the needed space, with or without powerpoint slide show capability. Call Vince for details. Limit 40 mile radius of Winchester area else additional travel fees may apply for time/driving.

Solar Power 101 for Homeowners workshop

Vince Lombardi, a former aerospace / mechanical engineer, has put together a concise yet comprehensive workshop geared towards homeowners to understand the fundamentals of solar power system design and installation. This affordable half day workshop provides a crash course in what you need to know to size and design the ideal solar power system for your home and budget. With two convenient locations in the Winchester area for participating in the workshops, and many dates from which to fit into your work and play schedule, this laymans course in solar power is precisely what you need to plan, design, and build/install your dream solar power system on your home.

Vince, although farily new to the field of renewable energy, has come to it with great passion and enthusiasm, and has recently completed (or is in the process of completing), several Green Building, Renewable Energy and Solar Power certification / accreditations including:

Vince also has a Bachelor's Degree (B.S.) and Master's Degree (M.S.) in Engineering Mechanics (Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering) from Virginia Tech (1988/1990), and certifications in Computer Science from SQL Star International in New Delhi, India. Vince's Engineering career spanned 11 years as a Structural Engineer where he performed Numerical and hand Stress Analysis of large, complex structures for design, primarily in the aerospace industry, where he worked for a multitude of Aerospace and Defense Companies, including:

About Abram's Creek Lodge & Family Campground

Vince also founded, managed and developed all aspects of an eco-friendly campground along 4,000 feet of rugged whitewater stream front in the Appalahcian / Potomac Highlands of WV -- Abram's Creek Lodge & Family Campground, located in Mt. Storm, WV. The retreat and campground were created by Vince from primitive land, and included 40 forested campsites, 10 cabins and 2 native American style tipi rentals, an outdoor commercial kitchen, a large geodesic dome for workshops, a 4,000 square foot stone Lodge House and additional 2 story, 2 bedroom cottage house (both purchased as additional parcels to the original land purchase). The camp hosted weekend workshops, a sweat lodge, and large group rentals as well. Vince finally sold the campground to a like minded purchaser on in early 2011, after 6 1/2 years of environmentally conscious develpoment.
Click on for more on the camp and it's new stewardship.

About Buffalo Gap Camp

Vince was also the General Manager of a large (multi-million dollar) music / cultural / public camp for a year called Buffalo Gap Camp , located in Capon Bridge, WV and now defunct. Vince brought the camp out of exile, developing a busienss plan for the camp owner that allowed him to secure a $200,000 line of credit to re-develop the camp -- all aspects of which happened under Vince's direct management. The camp was a festival venue, cultural camp, kid's camp, retreat, concert venue, and much more with millions of dollars in land value, facilities and amenities. The largest event hosted under Vince's management was SpaghettiFest, a festival of 40 bands and over 2,000 attendees. Unfortuately the camp's monthly and annual bills greatly exceeded it's monthly and annual income and it has been up for sale since it's closure in Oct. 2010.

About AffordableMassage

Vince founded in late Spring of 2001 ( Vince believed from the very beginning that massage should be accessible to the masses through an affordable bodywork business model and has offered affordable bodywork ever since (11 years plus). In 2002, Vince held a faculty position at the Virginia Learning Institute School of Massage Therapy in Falls Church, VA where he taught the entire 500-hour professional massage therapy certifcation course (both hands on (practical) and anatomy and physiology). He left VLI to pursue teaching his own classes and to better serve his massage therapy clients with extended hours. In over 10 years, Vince has given massage to over 3,500 clients in more than 5 business locations including Bally Total Fitness Health Clubs (Alexandria, VA , Washington DC), LifeStyle Fitness Center (Keyser, WV), and a mini-mall location in Falls Church (Build America at Skyline). In more recent years, Vince has worked out of a studio in Alexandria, a studio in the historic district in Winchester, and out of his home in Capon Bridge, WV.

Vince's Personal Interests & Values

Vince's personal pursuits include hiking, walking, camping, most anything outdoors, world travel, meditation, family as well as a need for quiet, spiritual time. Vince lives a life that is totally drug free (not even over the counter), alcohol free, smoke free, and (mostly) meat free. These life choices are all conciously made out of respect for the body and mind, not due to some previous addiction.

Vince is vegetarian and socially conscious. He spends his earned income in an educated and socially conscious way as best he can. These lifestyle choices have propelled him into the field of renewable energy, and particlarly have fostered his passionate interests in solar power and wind power.

Vince's has a very multi-cultural background which stems from having traveled the world extensively including to several places in the Middle East (Jordan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates), parts of South Asia (India, Nepal), Europe, Central America (Costa Rica, Mexico) and the whole USA. His favorite places at home are the desert Southwest, West Virginia and Maine. Vince spent nearly a year of his life in India pursueing both academic and spiritual interests as well.

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